Thursday, October 2, 2014

Seattle Cross Revolution - Silver Lake Cx


I recently had the chance to take my Planet Cross Cx bike along for a 9 day trip to the west coast.  While I had signed up for a Cx race on Sunday, I couldn't resist the urge to head down to Mt Rainier on Saturday for a spectacular ride up to the 6,400' Sunrise viewing area.

Sunday brought the chance to race at the inaugural event of the new Seattle Cross Revolution series.  The Silver Lake venue provided an excellent course with lots of sand (2 long sections/lap), wooded trails, lots of twists and turns as well as plenty of climbs.  Big fields and big fun !  

Before heading for home I was able to do some more riding up on Mt Hood with some fantastic (but rainy) views of the Columbia River gorge.   Overall, it was a long trip with lots of great experiences but I am certainly glad to be back home. 

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